Monday, March 8, 2010

"To Build a Fire"

"To Build a Fire" By: Jack London. This is a story about a man alone in the woods in the dead of winter in the Yukon. The temperature was thirty-five below and dropping as the sun was going down. He was looking for a couple of boys he had go hiking with. He had the advice of a seasoned guide in the back of his mind and it would come to the forefront when he would notice how cold he really was, but yet he would ignore the sound advice to get a fire started and trudge on. Eventually he wondered too close to a stream and ice had formed over part of it and the snow covered the ice hiding it. His leg feel through and the cold seeped in rapidly, by this point he needed a fire and pronto, but he was already having problems with feeling his fingers and hands. He made a desperate attempt to get a fire going and each time he thought he had succeeded the fire would smolder then go out. He was beginning to feel very tired and the feeling in his hands feet and legs were declining. By this time he was facing his own mortality and regretted not using the advice he had gotten to his advantage. Feeling very drowsy and numb he laid down and closed his eyes hoping a brief rest will help him to retry the fire. He never woke up. This story has lots of meaning in everyday life. Someone always gives sound advice, and it's ignored and then the results are not good.

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