Sunday, March 7, 2010

"The Storm"

"The Storm" By: Kate Chopin. Ah, the infamous storm that rocked a small Louisiana town. Calixta a wife and mother finds herself in the midst of a storm like no other. Her husband and son go off to procure a few items from the local grocer, when they notice the change in weather on the way. The wind picks up with a roar and begins to rain heavily. Back at home Calixta is outside pulling clothes off the line when a man approaches and asks if he can find shelter on her porch. She agrees and he helps to pull the clothes down, when they finish she invites him in, because the wind is so great the cover on the porch may not be enough. Inside the house it is apparent that these two are well acquainted with each other. As the storm blasts away on the outside, inside things are heating up. Calixta and Alcee find themselves enjoying the opportunity the storm has afforded them. As fast as the storm came in, it left in the same manner. Alcee soon left with a smile and a wave. Calixta was in a much better mood and fretted over her husband and son's safety when they finally returned home. They expected to be chastised for their muddy appearance, but none was forthcoming. Instead Calixta promised a feast for dinner with the shrimp they bought in town. Alcee sent a letter to his wife stating that if she was having a good time that maybe she should extend her stay. Alcee's wife couldn't have been more happy to receive his letter, because her stay with friends was the first break of her wifely duties she had received since their marriage. The storm may have been disruptive, but all were the happier for it.

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