Monday, March 8, 2010

"A Streetcar Named Desire"

"A Streetcar Named Desire" By: T. Williams. Wow! What a story! Love, betrayal, lies, abuse, you name it, this story has it. Stella and her husband Stanley live in a lower working class neighbor hood in New Orleans. Stella's sister Blanche comes to visit. The visit seems innocent enough in the beginning. Blanche is happy to see her sister but is overwhelmed with the conditions her sister is living in. Blanche has lots of quirky little habits that begin to take there toll on Stanley. Stanley, we find is a hot-bed of a temper, while playing a poker game with the guys, he flies off the handle when Blanche turns back on the radio. Stella having heard the commotion tries to intervene, but Stanley hits her instead and she leaves. Here is the famous scene where Stanley is yelling for Stella, at the top of his lungs. So she returns. Blanche can't believe her sister would just go back, and devises a plan to get them both out of there. But, Blanche just spins more lies to her sister. Come to find out Blanche had been staying in a seedy motel called the Flamingo, where less than reputable women earn their living. Stanley uses Blanche to his liking, and in the mean time Stella thinks her sister is having a nervous breakdown, and has her carted off to a mental hospital. Loads of family bonding.

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